Random Acts of Silence
- 20 years
- I live in Puerto Rico
- I'm allergic to my parentsbullshit
-love kiss on the nose and other places. ;)
-My favorite band are: green day,acdc, The All American reject, 30 second to mars and others.
- I am not a lesbian, but i like to see tips of styles on girls!!
  • everytimeyouloseit:

    If i didn’t care, would it be the same?

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  • itismysillylife:

    If I could be your superman,
    I’d fly you to the stars and back again.
    ‘cause everytime you touch my hand,
    I can feel my powers running through your veins.
    But I can only write this song,
    And tell you that I’m not that strong.
    ‘Cause I’m no superman, I hope you like me as I am, oh yeah,

    (Source: heyyfuture)

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  • paigiebooable:

    My heart is set on you,

    I don’t want no one else;

    And if you don’t want me,

    I guess I’ll be…

    All by myself.

    (Source: living-loved)