Random Acts of Silence
- 20 years
- I live in Puerto Rico
- I'm allergic to my parentsbullshit
-love kiss on the nose and other places. ;)
-My favorite band are: green day,acdc, The All American reject, 30 second to mars and others.
- I am not a lesbian, but i like to see tips of styles on girls!!
  • katiealves:

    I’ve never tried the lace pattern before and let me tell you, it was quite a challenge! Pretty sure I redid this at least 10 times! It’s difficult to find the right pattern and to get it to show properly! This is done with Lime Crimes new Marie Antoinette palette. It has gorgeous soft pastel colours in it!

  • thatsjusthowiam:

    Sometimes, I like to walk around the house in heels whenever I’m home alone. Especially really cute ones. It makes me feel important, and tall. I like feeling tall.<3