Random Acts of Silence
- 20 years
- I live in Puerto Rico
- I'm allergic to my parentsbullshit
-love kiss on the nose and other places. ;)
-My favorite band are: green day,acdc, The All American reject, 30 second to mars and others.
- I am not a lesbian, but i like to see tips of styles on girls!!
  • streets-of-neverland-rpg:

    “Don’t tell them it’s a sin, because it’s my time to go.”

    The origins of Neverland do not date back much in time. Initially, this place was the least frequented because of its bad reputation. Only a few dared to set a foot in those dark streets full of criminals and prostitutes. It was common for many to express their discontent with that location, and their intentions of wanting to see it disappear. For Neverland to become the paradise it is now, someone had to arrive and take control. 

    George Darling is probably the most feared, the most hated, and the most respected man in Neverland. He had to do a lot to get the position in which he is now. With the foresight of a master chess player, he was able to predict the success he was going to obtain. He didn’t care if people judged him for what he was doing, he wanted them to think about what he could become. George was going to be a King, one day.

    He was very intelligent and logical, enough to find and make the necessary connections to join the drug trade. As predicted, it took only a matter of time for him to become a personality in Neverland. His name was on everyone’s lips, a name that inspired fear. Suddenly everyone wanted to talk to him, they wanted to ask for favors or a job. George established his own business and finally saw his dreams fulfilled.

    After that, followed a beautiful wife, by her side he also was the owner of the most famous brothel. She also gave him a family; he considers family to be the thing that always come first. That assured him that his empire was on track, soon his children could enjoy it. George is known to be very loyal to his friends and allies, but also he quickly established a reputation for ruthlessness towards his enemies. He never forgives traitors. 

    Traitors just as James Hook, the one and only Capatain in Neverland. James was once the favorite Lost Boy of George, but he never imagined that he would become his nemesis. He had created and raised his future enemy. Hook was the first to rise against him, and many others followed.  James knew about his own potential, and formed his own crew, the Jolly Rodgers. So he became independent and followed another path.

    Neverland is a completely different world from what it was years ago. Everyone knows that there are two sides divided by a border. The Lost Boys and the Jolly Rodgers. The Fairies and the Mermaids, and many civilians that were caught in the cross fire. The conflicts between them are common and it is better not to interfere, if you value your life. But if you consider yourself eligible to enter and discover Neverland, there is always a chance.

    (Source: streetsofneverland-rpg)